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Family law cases, including divorce and child related cases, can be filled with emotions and stress.  Resolving the cases in the best way possible for you is important at Peace & Associates.  Mediation is one of the tools we can use in your divorce or family law case to assist in resolving the issues in your case.

Mediation is using a neutral third party to assist with the negotiations between you and your spouse or ex-spouse, with the goal of reaching an agreement resolving the disputes or issues in your case.  We prepare you for mediation and attend mediation with you.  If you reach an agreement at the end of the day, the agreements are contained in one written document and signed by everyone that day.

Mediation can be used in your divorce, child custody case, child support case, and other family law cases.

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Divorce Mediation Services

Mediation can be used in family law cases including child support modification, child custody, possession schedules or parenting schedule matters, and divorce. Mediation can be a quicker resolution to a family law case than scheduling and waiting for a hearing to finish a case.  Mediation can also be a solution that allows negotiations to create an agreement that works for both parties in the case.  In our experience, if a resolution can reduce the time to resolve a case and create a resolution that both parties can agree to, moving forward after the case can be easier than if both parties prepare for a full litigation fight in the courtroom.  Mediation can allow the space and time to create a situation where both parties win and there isn’t one winner and one loser.

Once an agreement is reached in mediation, all parties will sign a Mediated Settlement Agreement that contains the agreements that were reached in mediation.  Mediated Settlement Agreements that are properly written and signed can be enforced, if needed.

The team of attorneys at Peace & Associates are experienced family law attorneys and together they have over forty years of experience in family law cases.  Both attorneys, Amie Peace and Jill O’Connell, are trained family law mediators as well. They mediate private family law and divorce cases in Denton County, and volunteer as mediators regularly through Denton County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program.

Both Amie and Jill know what it is like to sit in mediation with their divorce and family law clients and be in trial with their family law and divorce clients.  They bring all of their experiences from their years as family law attorneys to each dispute they mediate.  They also have experience with many types of parenting schedules, large and small estate divisions, conservatorships, and unique issues like work schedules, disparity of income, extreme personality conflicts and communication issues which serves as a basis to work with both parties in each mediation and see the dispute from a neutral point of view.  This point of view allows each of them as a mediator to assist the negotiations move forward, hopefully to a signed agreement at the end of the day.

Mediations can be conducted in-person or using Zoom. For more information, to find out more about mediation fees and options including half-day mediation, or to schedule mediation with Amie Peace or Jill O’Connell, please contact us at 940-591-6006.

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