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Divorce can be a challenging time for anyone. You may have never imagined that one day you would have to go through the dissolution of your marriage or a dispute regarding your children. Sometimes the decision becomes necessary, or is even made for you. Trying to deal with both the legal and emotional aspects of something like this can cause overwhelming stress.

With the support of the family law and divorce lawyers at Peace & Associates, you will receive sound, legal advice. Our divorce and family law attorneys and staff can assist you with matters regarding your family, including custody of your children, orders for protection (including restraining orders), division of assets, and valuation of your marital estate. Our experienced Denton County divorce attorneys can answer questions like “How long does a Denton County divorce take?” and “How do I file for divorce?”

Our team will keep in contact with you through your divorce or family law case including child support cases, modifications and post-divorce matters and answer your questions and offer the support and counsel that you need.  Our Flower Mound family law attorney and divorce attorneys are available to meet with clients with cases from all Denton County communities including Flower Mound, Carrollton, Lewisville, Krum, Little Elm, Bartonville, Lantana, Hickory Creek, Corinth, Lake Dallas and Providence Village.

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Peace & Associates knows that child custody is often the most difficult aspect of any divorce. With tensions and emotions at their peak, it can be challenging to act in the best interest of your children, despite wanting what’s best for them. We will guide you through the process as decisions are made regarding your children. Peace & Associates knows that financial situations change, and adjustments may be necessary if a child support order is in effect. We help you determine changes in your needs, as well as the next steps in seeking a modification.

When you’re alone and raising your children after a divorce, you want to be sure that your spouse honors obligations for child support and spousal support. Peace & Associates can offer clear, solid advice on how best to address any issues that arise. If your divorce is pending and you are a victim of domestic violence, Peace & Associates can obtain a protective order that may become necessary to keep you and your children safe. Peace & Associates can also quickly evaluate and work toward a sensible resolution if you incur wrongful allegations of domestic violence.

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Divorce FAQ

Answer: Divorce attorneys ask about real and personal property to determine the community property and the separate property involved in the divorce.  Real property is generally considered property that has to do with land and structures on land. Personal property is mostly everything else including jewelry, automobiles, furniture, furnishings, and other types of property as well. Learn more here. 

To file for divorce in Texas, someone must have lived in Texas for 6 months, and in the county where they want to file for divorce for 90 days before filing an Original Petition for Divorce.

If you have just moved to Texas and have questions about a Texas divorce, our Flower Mound attorneys are happy to meet with you now, answer questions, and help you plan for your divorce in Denton County, Texas.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Denton County, our Flower Mound divorce attorneys are available to discuss specific situation and options Please click here to reach us and schedule a consultation or call us at 940-591-6006.

An experienced Texas divorce lawyer will be able to discuss Texas law regarding divorce, child support, spousal support and alimony issues, and child possession schedules with you so that you can make educated decisions in your best interests regarding the issues in your divorce. Our attorneys are also experienced in negotiation and settlement options including divorce mediation, and they have extensive trial experience.

If you’d like to discuss your questions and options with an attorney, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys by phone at 940-591-6006.

An uncontested divorce means that as the divorce process moves forward and progresses towards finalizing the terms of the divorce, the divorcing spouses are able to reach an agreement regarding the issues that may include property divisions, spousal maintenance, alimony, child possession schedules, and child support.  Sometimes the divorcing spouses negotiate the divorce agreement between themselves, conduct divorce negotiations between the divorce attorneys or use other divorce settlement techniques to reach agreements to finalize their divorce.  A contested divorce means that the spouses going through the divorce aren’t able to agree on the terms of the divorce and the judge is required to make the decisions in their divorce.  The judge may be the divorce decision maker, if the parties can’t agree, regarding the divorce issues areas of disagreement between the divorcing spouses such as any child issues like child possession schedules and child support, the property issues, and any other issues in the divorce.

Our attorneys are available for divorce and family law consultations.  Please call to schedule a consultation or send us a message.

A Texas non-custodial (possessory conservator) parent using a Standard Possession Order from the Texas Family Code is likely required to notify the other parent (managing conservator)by April 1st each year with the dates they intend to exercise their periods of possession.  After receiving that notice, the managing conservator has an April 15th deadline (or 14 days’ written notice on or after April 16th) to give notice to the possessory conservator with their designations for summer possession.

Our Flower Mound family law attorneys are available to meet with custodial parents and noncustodial parents to assist with questions about giving required summer notices, possession schedules and other Texas child possession issues. Please click here to reach us and schedule a consultation or call us at 940-591-6006.

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