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In Texas, child support is calculated based on guidelines provided by the Texas Family Code. The Texas child support guidelines take into account several factors including the gross income of the parent paying child support, and the cost for medical insurance and dental insurance for the child or children in the family.

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

In general, child support is calculated as follows:

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    Gross Income:The first step is to calculate the gross income of the parent paying child support. This includes salary, wages, bonuses, commissions, rental income, and other sources of income.

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    Net Resources: After determining the gross income, the net resources are calculated using the amounts deducted from the gross pay including deductions for taxes, medical support paid, dental support paid, union dues, and any state income tax that may be paid based on work location or residence. This is the amount of income available for child support.

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    Applying the Child Support Guidelines: Texas has specific guidelines that determine the percentage of net resources to be allocated for child support based on the number of children requiring support. If the parent paying child support (obligor) supports children not involved in this specific lawsuit or family the child support calculation includes lower percentages based on the number of other children.  However, in many cases, the calculations just involve one family’s children as follows:

      • 20% of the obligor’s net resources for one child
      • 25% for two children
      • 30% for three children
      • 35% for four children
      • 40% for five children
      • Not less than 40% for six or more children

In some cases, the child support may deviate from the Texas child support guidelines if applying the Texas child support guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate. Factors that may justify deviation include the needs of the child, the ability of each parent to support the child, and any special circumstances.

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